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What is Event Mobile Application?

An event app (or conferencing app) is an application that provides different tools that help you achieve a successful event and ultimate business goal.

Most event apps offer features such as event agenda, attendee profile, and messaging, efficiently streamlining the event process and improving attendees' experiences before, during, and even after the event.

Make your event attendees feel welcome at your event

It is important that event organizers leave their attendees with a great event experience. All you need is an excellent event app that can help you interact and also learn more about your attendees.

Set your event goal and stick to it

In conclusion, an effective event agenda is one that helps the event organizer or company hosting the event achieve the event goals. Therefore, determining your event goal early can significantly assist in the design of your event agenda.

Be alternative and keep things interesting

While it's best not to have too many events on your agenda, it's still important to design different types of event dynamics and vary things up.

In general, you should change things up every 30 to 50 minutes to keep things interesting and prevent your participants from getting bored or distracted.

Keep your program well-structured and simple while varying session formats.

Include adequate breaks and social activities

Still with the mission of keeping things simple but diversified, with adequate breaks and games, guided tours, etc. Be sure to plan social activities such as:

Pay attention to your participants' energy levels and possible distractions. Take advantage of these breaks to give them a chance to recharge. As a general rule of thumb, you should include formal breakout sessions every 90 minutes to refresh your attendees.

Also provide adequate networking opportunities between sessions to give you the chance to connect with others.


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