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5 Reasons We Should Talk About Multi-Activity Applications

If the business will hold more than one event, meeting or conference in a year, the multi-event application is a much more useful and practical tool.

Multi-activity application. This is like a bunch of normal activity apps mass produced at the same time, right?

Not really.

Given that a modest estimate puts the US alone at 11 million business meetings per day, we should probably be talking about multi-event apps a lot more.

Top 5 reasons why you should choose a multi-event application:

1. They are comprehensive

Multi-activity means that all the different activities of the organization will be included within your single application platform. Whether it's employee attendance, a board meeting or a sales kickoff.

Think of the multi-event application as your container, with all individual meetings or conferences held within it.

2. They are consistent

Branding is a big concern when it comes to corporate events, but a multi-event app makes this a non-issue. Since all activities are on the same application platform, it is easy to ensure that the activities are consistent between each other. But they don't have to be, because…

3. Configurables

You can definitely make all events look the same, but it's also easy to change them. Individual events can have completely different brands, content, features and even groups of attendees. Just because they're under the same company doesn't mean they all have to stay the same; You can be as creative as you want from activity to activity.

4. Problem-free

Getting attendees to download the app can be difficult. But once they arrive, there is no excuse for an attendee to arrive at any conference or meeting without seeing the relevant documentation. After a single download, all events and coverage will be available to them at the touch of a finger (if they have the appropriate security access, of course).

5. Nature Friendly

Event apps can make events completely paperless; This goes without saying. But the interactive elements in your app mean that virtual documents don't take away from a participant's ability to take notes, highlight relevant sections, or make a small doodle in the margins.


They basically make event implementation easier.

When it comes down to it, setting up an app for your event shouldn't be extra work. Using a multi-event app means that the template for each activity is pre-set. All that's left is to choose the content, features and security you want.


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