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Save Time with Multi-Event Mobile Application!

You can create multiple events at the same time through a multi application, manage each event easily with different modules, content and users,  save time and labor!

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Offer Quick Access to Multiple Events with a Single App

With multiple event experiences under a single application, you can gather all events under one roof, run them simultaneously, and offer different application structures to different participants without requiring Apple and Google approval processes for new event structures added!


Customize Theme

Within the same application, you can customize the application structures prepared for different events, differentiate their designs and opening scopes, and manage your participants and content with different menu structures!


Engage Attendees with Interesting Social Feeds and News

Make your events more productive and interesting with news and posts that will increase social flow and communication among your participants.


Create Sustainable and Reportable Events

With the ability to manage all your in-house or customer-oriented events under a single application, and the ability to assign and manage only the events they are related to, you enable all your events to be sustainable and reportable!


Secure Your Activities with Reliable Data Streaming

Each of your activities is protected by secure data flow. At the end of the event, all your data is stored separately and securely stored.


Create Analysis and Reporting Opportunity

With detailed in-app analytics, you can measure and monitor the performance of your event and plan your other events in accordance with the analysis and report results you receive!

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