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Features to Enrich

A set of event-specific features where you can manage the entire process of the event from the start of the first communication to the end time…


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Personal Content

Live Support

Activity Selection


Personal Content

Providing fast and uninterrupted communication regarding organization planning with personalized content details (such as flight or transfer details, hotel accommodation, room information, etc.)


Activity Selection

Get quick information about people who choose and register for listed activities during the event.


Opening Video

Creating interaction with the opening video prepared for the event on the first opening screen of the mobile application.



Giving information about the photos, session details, contact information and resumes of the speakers within the program.


Simultaneous Translation

The ability to listen to the conference in the appropriate language by plugging the earphones of the participants over the mobile application with the broadcast provided by the simultaneous translation company.



The ability to access the information of the person logging into the application within your event.

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Photo Gallery

With the Photo Gallery option, the participants can access the photos taken by the photographer as part of your event and save them on their phones.


Sketch Plan

Access of the participants to the sketch plan of the event venue through the application.


Knowledge Competition

The ability to hold a knowledge contest consisting of questions about the company and general culture within the scope of the event. The feature of winning by the person/persons who answer all the questions correctly and in the fastest way by asking all the questions created within the scope of the competition at once or in certain time periods.

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Online & Technical Operational Support

Fast execution of your instant requests and transactions with the online operational support provided by Social Attend or the technical personnel support provided at the event venue.


Live Support 

The ability of the participants to instantly reach the organization officials and receive instant answers to their opinions, suggestions and questions.


Push Notification– Announcements

Ability to send push notifications to participants in the form of content or links. Notifications can be sent to everyone, related groups created or only to relevant people.

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My QR Code - Fast Pass

The ability to assign personal QR-codes to individuals through the application and to have their QR-codes read through the QR-code verification application that will be provided to the relevant personnel in the field. In this way, users who enter the event area, restaurants, workshop areas can be reported quickly and instantly.



Include information on the category of sponsorship, such as gold sponsor, silver sponsor, company contact and website information of the companies that have sponsored your event.



The ability of the participants to make an appointment from the designated people in accordance with their calendars in line with the mutual approval stage and to send a reminder to them before the appointment time.



The ability of your participants to communicate with each other through instant messaging through the application.


Your Photos

The photos added to the profile photos of the participants and the photos added to the gallery are matched with face recognition technologies, and the freedom to access only their own photos under the "Your Photos" module.

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Access of the participants to the weather information in the location where the event will take place through the application.

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Analysis and Reporting

The ability to obtain secure data flow, measure efficiency, and access data analysis within the scope of your event with the possibility of reporting before and after the event.


Multi-Language Support

Providing your participants with the opportunity to follow the event process in their own language with the multilingual support module.

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Creating interaction with the ability to share photos, texts and videos of people or only admin users regarding news and innovations related to the event.


My Profile

Creating a profile for your contacts to use all features such as accessing mobile application content, sharing, commenting, and participating in surveys.



Include program details such as date, time, hall information, venue related to the event.


Keypad- Voting

The ability to vote with your participants at any time during the sessions held within the scope of your event. The voting results can be displayed on the screen after the voting is over.


Ask Question

Participants have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers within the program. The ability to project questions on the screen either without showing person information or by specifying person names.



The ability to share the documents you want with your participants in Word, pdf format via the application.

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Video Gallery

Access feature to the videos prepared and presented to the participants within the scope of the event.



By providing quick access to the surveys created with commentary, stylish and scoring options through the application, the necessary feedback can be obtained quickly before or after the event.


Public and Closed Group

Thanks to the customization feature of the mobile application, your event can be made available to all participants if you wish, or you can use a closed group only among the people you specify.

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Offline Mode

The ability to access content such as the program, speakers, even if your attendees are out of coverage.

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